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My Story

💔I got pregnant at 14, while in the 9th grade, and I was sent to an adoption home where I had to place him for adoption. 

💔 I changed schools at least 9 times in three years. 

💔 On the last day of my Junior year, I was sent away to a girls home only to find out a few months later, that I was pregnant again. 

💔 My real dad said 'you keep that black baby I'll no longer have a daughter" And... so it was. 

💔 With good behavior, I was able to leave early, keep my baby, and begin life as a teen mom, with grace, love, and help from my Mom and step-Dad. 

💔 Got married at 19 to their father. Got an Associates Degree. Pregnant again at 21. Divorced at 24. 

💔 Went back to college after my divorce, got on every welfare program available, put myself through college and began working on my Masters Degree in Accounting, worked and did whatever side hustle I could to help with bills to help make sure my kids had what they needed until I was done. 

💔 Built up ALOT of debt. 

💔Graduated from college, got off welfare, and no longer had the $13-15/hr jobs, found a better job that didn't need a Masters Degree but still a staff position with a great salary, and 4% growth of income per year, great benefits, great people. 

💔 Remarried, had another baby (planned this time though!) but the debt kept building. 

💔 Credit cards took care of bills, shopping, and paying one card to another. 

💔 Side businesses and hustles were helping, but weren't enough

💔 We never took real vacations even though I worked for the airline and we could fly for free. Always made sure to use coupons, clearance racks, and strategic shopping. 

💔 Got 401k loans to pay the credit cards, only to need the credit cards again to pay the bills. 

💔 I was shy, introverted, and had no desire to ever have a 'sales' job. 

💔 Was laid off from my professional Accounting career. 

Made amends with my Dad, only for him to pass away shortly after.

💔Divorced again.

💔Through it all trusted God, stayed content - praying and believing there would be an out one day

(and I'm saving you from all the drama! haha)


The more I look at the life and how it changed, the more I know that Beachbody Coaching found me. 


I sold some old maternity clothes on craigslist to come up with the money, as I was determined to get started after failed attempts with wraps, pills, gyms, and trusted someone i didn't know but followed on 

Facebook. I just wanted to lose weight so that I could not use the rubber band to close my jeans, and not have to buy more clothes, and not hate myself or my body for how i felt.

Five years later: 

❤️ My yearly income from 'before' is now my monthly income, not including quarterly bonuses and as scary as it is to say, have earned over a million dollars from this opportunity.

❤️ Paid off all of our debt, and for the first time ever have a SAVINGS ACCOUNT, and were able to build a dream home, where everybody actually had a room, and my office was no longer the kitchen table.

❤️ Our team finished as the #3 team in the entire network, and remained in the top .01% for the last 5 years, as well as the highest personal rank of Superstar Diamond that is achievable in the company.

❤️ We can vacation as a family, or I can have a girl trip anytime because we have the freedom to do so

❤️ Was given the most amazing all expense paid trip to places I’d never experience otherwise like Paris, Vegas, Dominican Republic, cruises, Cali and so much more. 

❤️ We sent my oldest off to college, and paying her college tuition, outright, since I was never able to save a dime growing up. 

❤️Inspired her to focus on a healthy life, and now has her own stream of income, including one that paid for her own reliable car off to college, and her apartment, and expenses so she doesn't HAVE to work. 

❤️ I work less hours, see my kids more, and actually able to spend time in their life. I get to be THAT Mom!

❤️ I have an opportunity where you aren't rewarded in growth by a percentage or office politics, but measured by the work you put in. 

❤️ Ive grown and changed in every way, physically, financially, but the change on the inside, which is bigger than any other transformation to date..not as shy, as introverted, and still have no desire to ever has a 'sales' job, and so glad its not. 

❤️ I have freedom, passion, and truly feel I have a purpose.


So now, I'm looking for those who were just like me, overworked, overwhelmed, over their head in debt, or just truly ready for a change and opportunity for the future.


I'm looking for go-getters, potential girl-bosses. I want to truly pay it forward, mentor and train and teach you exactly what I did to earn a 6-figure income and build a top team. Maybe you are tired of asking your husband for money, you want shop more, or maybe you just want to contribute to your family financially, have your husband work less, would love to have extra fun money or to build a vacation fund - it does not matter, we focus on what YOU want, your goals and the vision of creating a life that you love while having fun. #thisjobsucks


I get uncomfortable sharing income - for fear it will be taken the wrong way, but if you only knew the opportunity at your hands, the heart behind the hard work, and the passion for helping others just to be better inside and out - by knowing that could work a few years like no one else will in order to life the rest of your life like no one can.


I know, it may seem too good to be true or unrealistic, but when I typed this up originally a year ago with tears falling down my face, I worried how others would judge my failures, but i realized that wouldn't have the experiences and the tests in life if it weren't meant to be a testimony to others and what they can accomplish as well. I just started this, thinking it would be cool to have my shakes paid since i was broke already, and a get little help with bill money, never realizing what an opportunity it would become and the lives that would change through it.


❤️❤️❤️ If you're interested in more info, click button bellow to fill out form and for more info on how you can get started as well. ❤️❤️❤️

You’ll never know until you try, and speaking from experience every failure has brought you closer to your future of what you were meant to be. 


❤️ So if you read this far, this is that sign you’ve been asking for....


And to make our legal peeps happy, Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Your success is based on YOUR own hard work, hustle, and making your dreams a reality.

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