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Imagine if we all used our voices - how loud even the quietest person would become...

In the 2.5 years since we met, I've yet to meet anyone I've introduced @bjhoward42to that didn't love him. Not just for how he is as a human, but for how he loves, honors, supports, & especially how he protects me at all times. Yet because of our world we live in today, I can’t always do the same for him, nor my children.


I was on the phone with him last week and got pulled over for a routine traffic stop (due to an expired registration from covid closures). He knew it was for that when they turned the lights on. Yet my heart pounded & my stomach dropped. I couldn't imagine HIS feelings. The same ones that he has to deal with every single day. I asked if he would stay on the phone just in case or at least record it. Most may not think anything of it, but do you realize how many innocent people have been killed that started with a traffic stop?!


Most wont know that feeling - for that - you are privileged. I share this as a way to open your eyes, that while it may not effect you, it effects our humanity, it effects someone close to you, & if it did, if it was your child, spouse, best friend, or someone in your life, how would you respond differently?


It IS possible to live in a world - not where “love sees no color" - but where they see it, accept it, embrace it, & love it.

Every color.

Every race.

Every gender.

Every religion.


My voice is small but I can hopefully use it to make a small ripple of change,


I’ve been trying to share as much as possible in my stories as tools to help when you don’t know how. If you have other suggestions please share.


If you dont have the words or know what to do there are a few simple ways you can start. But you must start!

1. Simply share something others have shared that incorporate your feelings.

2. Be kind. Be respectful. DON'T come back with a comeback. Offer kind words & a peaceful and loving presence that you are there. “I don’t fully understand but I want to because I care.” Or a simple “How are you? How can I help?”

3. Speak up. Even if you are scared. Even if it is uncomfortable. Do what is right. Change isn't easy. Neither is living in fear.


Saying nothing - speaks louder than silence. Imagine if we all spoke up how loud it would be

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