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Fav Skinny Cocktail!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I love water. Especially frozen. Into ice cubes. Blended with tequila. Basically I love margaritas!! (This also is awesome with vodka too!)

What’s your fav way to make a marg!? Skinny, frozen top shelf, spicy, on the rocks, extra shot... haha so many options🍹 and now I have a new option too!

I love a good margarita when out for Mexican but when quarantine started I didn’t have a real margarita mix option on hand, so after a little searching and friends sharing their tips found some super amazing ways to make a skinny margarita and the best part is you have options - so if your out of one item you can swap for another and still is amazing!

This became my go to drink that I would have more often than I should admit 🤣😂.

After sharing so many times on IG my friends are now loving it as well! Video found here



2oz tequila

Half of a Sprite Zero, bubly, it topo chico (lime or grapefruit flavor is fine - I prefer grapefruit for margs)

2-3 Mandarin oranges



Sprite Zero adds more of a sweet taste and the oranges add in the Contreau flavor

If you prefer not as sweet go with the flavored sparkling waters.

Make them fun by muddeling in some fresh strawberry or melon for a flavored twist as well, or make it frozen by tossing in some frozen mango or strawberries!

I’m not an expert maker but I feel like I have become expert at drinking them.

Perfect for a quarantini or for a low cal 4th beverage!

If you try this - let me know how and what you made!

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