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healthy obsession workout weight loss

Healthy Obsession is the newest program from BODi Supertrainer, Autumn Calabrese. Healthy Obsession is a fresh take on the popular BODi program, 80 Day Obsession.

Yes, you heard that right - get ready to sculpt your core, lift your booty, and get your ultimate sweat on in just 3 weeks.

For 5 days per week, 50 - 60 minutes per day, Autumn will take you through a different workout (Total Body Core, Booty, Cardio Fusion, AAA, or Legs) all inspired by her hit program, 80 Day Obsession.

After Week 3, there will then be a Functional Recovery Week. This is a lighter week of two workouts to ease the intensity and prepare you for what program you’re tackling next.

We will start Healthy Obsession together on November 7th, meaning this 3-week commitment to (or obsession with) our health will help us get the right habits in place before the holiday season! We will pair the workout program with a nutrition program that works for you: Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, or Gut Protocol. Scroll to learn more and sign up.

healthy obsession weight loss program
  • 60 minutes a day, 5 days per week, 3 weeks straight

  • Followed by a week of functional recovery with 2 additional workouts

  • Workouts alternate between Total Body Core, Booty, Cardio Core, AAA, and Legs

  • Autumn will suggest 3 additional 45-minute bike rides you can choose to substitute for the Cardio Core day if you want to

  • You’ll need resistance loops, sliders, light, medium and heavy dumbells, and a BODi subscription

  • Can be paired with any of the Beachbody Nutrition programs: Gut Health Protocol, Ultimate Portion Fix, or 2B Mindset

Transform in just 4 weeks…

healthy weight loss

new to BODi? Lets get signed up!

weight loss package

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